Heavy Heavy Stars

Heavy heavy stars,
I ache with you.
I pulse and sway.
I flicker and dance.
I feel your longing.


I know your embrace.

I fold into being.

I trace all the steps,
Of starlight glimmer.
I find my way home,
Through darkness.

I move.
I melt.
I blister.
I birth.

I wake.
I scream.
I ache.
I remember.

I remember the silence,
The longing for life.
I remember the quiet,
And the static.

Darkness surrounds,
I shudder in its snap jaw trap.
I burst beyond the grasp.
I explode.
I implode.
I shift.
I open.
I pull the world into me.
I become the antithesis
Of darkness,
The quiet of night,
I pull the universe
Through a portal.
I birth.
I quake.

And what’s through?
The other side?
What is left
When we shudder
And die?

There is no death
And only life.
Stars birth from shadow,
Matter bursts aflame,
There is stardust
In my breath,
And truth in my gaze.
I am the shadow.
I am the remembered.
I am the light.
I am.
As are you


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