This World

This World ------------------------------------------------- Who am I to stop you from dreaming? Who am I to put judgment and shame On your truth? When who you are radiates Outward Boundless. Who are they that don't comprehend What it is to choose life Again And again? They that have never had to face this desperate choice. Who... Continue Reading →


Mission To Rise

This life of mine How it has made me shrink From loose lips That said too much About how I was Not enough And I hung my head in shame Thinking I was the one That was always to blame For wicked transgressions For my looks too true My rage boiling Out through glances And... Continue Reading →


I overcome! I survive! I break down into the deepest darkest parts of myself, burn up, surrender and rise from the ashes. I am constantly birthing new versions of a more healed and aligned version of myself. I face darkness head on, grapple with it, validate it, accept it, love it, integrate it and become... Continue Reading →

The Power of One

How much power does one person have? How can one person affect change in this world that is so vast and complex? I am going to ask us to go within, to ask ourselves, how much power do we have in our own minds? If we create our own reality, or at least our perception... Continue Reading →

Commitment to self

I make this commitment to myself: That every one of my acts be in service to Love. That every thought of pain, negativity, judgement, or assumption be met with kindness, patience, compassion, and perspective, in a mission to uncover the truth. That my presence lifts up other hearts and tries never to tear them down.... Continue Reading →


The lessons I learn And the things I speak Are just as foreign to you As they are to me I am not the creator But the created I am the stroke of the pen The paint wrought Into being A part Of the whole I am the vision Of the visionary I am what... Continue Reading →


Love seeking love This is the answer To the why The search within Where is love? Why don't I see it? Why don't I feel it? Sister, brother, You seek in a way You will not find Love is internal An eternally lit flame We block our eyes to its brightness Blinded we seek the... Continue Reading →


It's easy to give when you have enough and we all have Love in abundance. We are the expression of Love come alive. It is in every fiber of our being.

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