Standing Rock

Truth. Tears and truth. Please read this link. 
I apologize on behalf of my ancestors; for not hearing or understanding this truth, for not knowing the pain they caused would keep causing pain generations later, for the wars and theft of lands for their own gain. 
I weep for those that say they have God in their hearts and see no reason to change their ways. I pray for their hard hearts and stubborn attitudes. I understand why they may not want to face the pain of what has happened because of the weight of it, but I pray that we continue to acknowledge, validate, and heal this wound.
Being blind to the atrocities of the past does not cease the suffering. It causes more because this wound is still bleeding. 
I call on my ancestors to help heal this rift, to awaken more hearts, to repair the damage they’ve done. I’m grateful for those ancestor’s who fought for this Earth and against genocide. 
I know I had ancestors in the civil war fighting to keep slavery. I bow my head in shame. For them I apologize. 
I apologize on behalf of my ancestors and I will dedicate my life to making this world more full of love, understanding, compassion, and truth, in whatever way that I can. 
Together we heal this. Together we stop this pain. I’m so humbly sorry for what they’ve done and what they continue to do. 
Say no to apathy. There’s so much all of us can be doing for this Earth. I pray that greed is banished from our hearts. 
I pray for the Warriors. 
#istandwithstandingrock #nodapl #standingrock #keepitintheground


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