Needs 2

So, if I’m complete and perfect as I am how do I go about with my life? Doesn’t that just mean I should quit working on myself and just be a bum? 
No. To be complete does not mean the striving ceases. It does not mean the suffering ceases. It means the perspective you have of yourself changes. It means you go to that board-meeting knowing that you are safe and protected at all times because the board-meeting doesn’t define you. (Yes bills, blah.) There’s “needs” again. Even with nothing you will still be you. Even with no one. You will still be you. 
And what does that alone and empty pocketed you look like? Are you satisfied with yourself? Can you look inside and say yes I see my true heart and I am in love with my being? 
To know you are complete means you can have that hard talk with someone knowing their pain is not your own, and you can have compassion for them and yourself, because they are just as complete and special as you are, every person is. 
This gets lost in suffering. Hearts get twisted and shat on. People let their greed rule their hearts. Underneath all the tar this world collects is a radiating and unique individual. 
Ego’s abound on this Earth. We are told we can have it all! And what do they mean by all? Possessions. Will possessions satisfy your bleeding heart? Or will love? Love needs no advertisement. It’s already inside us. We can get blinded by the pursuit of possessions but in the end they are just inanimate objects. Even a lot of them, they do not change what they are. We can. We can change the inside.
If we can see we don’t need, to be successful, beautiful, handsome, have the perfect body, have our demands met, our judgements confirmed, our “needs” met, but that we are whole, this is love. If we can love ourselves without ego, this is the perspective we take on when we go about our day. It’s this perspective that helps us to feel at peace. 
Love is inside you. There is no need greater. ❤️🙏🏻


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