How Does One Love?

How does one love what one hates?        

 Oh the intensity of this question! 

And why oh why would one want to? 

All of our beating hearts 

Are sovereign

All of our beating hearts 

Harken to the divine

My how they glow! 

Like beating embers ready to 

burst aflame with joy and love! 

Enraptured with their own beauty

I am in awe of the enormity 

With which our combined hearts 


Blinded like the sun

Beams warmth into my soul


Love like there is no tomorrow 

Love all the parts dark and light alike

Darkness is pain unmasked

Sorrow is anger unarmored

Anger is sorrow enraged

Depression is Grief unaddressed

The wounds have 

names and addresses

I knocked on their doors 

I invited them to tea 

And when unmasked 

I saw them as lost, lonely, 

and desperate to be loved

Just as I felt despondency 

And despair

And I saw the me in the them 

And we were no longer separate

But the same


Love stood fast

To bind US 



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