For the Brothers

I pray for the Warriors. For all the times they were made to feel like their hearts weren’t fierce. For all the times they felt called to battle and had to swallow their pride. For all the times they were made to feel inferior. For when they were made to quiet their tears with gritted teeth and clenched fists.
I pray for the Brothers. Whose hopes have rested in the bosom of a woman only to have their hearts caged by lust. To their lion hearts, regal and perfect, whose call to honor is tempered with a humble soul. 
I pray for the Boys. Made weak before they were grown, told they were not meant to shine in their truth, but to bury it deep with their voice. Their innocent hearts rejected, and shamed. They that were taught that to cry was to be weak. When in actuality it takes strength.
I pray for the Fathers. That they might be remembered to their noble hearts. That love might align all that is unbalanced. That they might remember their worth does not rest on the lips of their lovers, but with the love that shines deep from within their own soul. And that is the armor with which they defend their innocents. 
I pray for the Warriors. That they might see themselves the way a sovereign Queen sees them. Not demanding respect, but radiating it in humble and perfect strength. Standing firm in their truth. Love bound with honor. I see you. Do you? I pray for your lion’s heart, my King in peasant’s clothing. 
#warriors #brothers #fathers #love


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