Say your dreams out loud. Oh, the power the spoken dreams contain. What is this dream you harbor close to your heart, not daring to speak its truth. How does it fill you with longing? Hearts beat faster when it’s name is whispered. Your mind quickens and for a minute the world slows and it just seems possible. At the tip of you fingers. . .and then doubt comes. It tells you to still your beating heart. It says nay to the merriment of dream making. It says nay wonderer, your path is meek, you were meant to live in the shadows. 
I say HA! I laugh in your face doubt! I know my worth and my vision! I know I have a heart of courage that beats full with truth! I know my passion is my mission! I will shout my dreams at passers by and care not if they don’t SEE, because I DO! I BELIEVE IN ME!


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