You've forgotten again Haven't you my daughter? Love How easily it slips How easily Distracted There it is waiting You need merely grasp the air To feel it Tangible, weighted, invisible Should that fail It is in you Silent Ever present Holding you Loving you Lifting you up Love is there Don't forget My child... Continue Reading →


Standing Rock

Truth. Tears and truth. Please read this link.  I apologize on behalf of my ancestors; for not hearing or understanding this truth, for not knowing the pain they caused would keep causing pain generations later, for the wars and theft of lands for their own gain.  I weep for those that say they have God... Continue Reading →


Oh, the wonders of should. Should tells you things. It says you are wrong and to be something you aren't being. It's a power tool for control, both to your own mind and projected onto others. How vapid these words are, how meaningless and heartbreaking they can be. The word does not have the power... Continue Reading →

Needs 2

So, if I'm complete and perfect as I am how do I go about with my life? Doesn't that just mean I should quit working on myself and just be a bum?  No. To be complete does not mean the striving ceases. It does not mean the suffering ceases. It means the perspective you have... Continue Reading →


I'm going to stop saying I need, because I don't "need" anything. And though I'm sure immediately upon reading that your brain went, ugh duh, "I need food, air, whatever body function you claim..." See, I don't need anything metaphorically. And what might you ask is that? I don't know, but I think, to need... Continue Reading →


Say your dreams out loud. Oh, the power the spoken dreams contain. What is this dream you harbor close to your heart, not daring to speak its truth. How does it fill you with longing? Hearts beat faster when it's name is whispered. Your mind quickens and for a minute the world slows and it... Continue Reading →

Where is Love?

Where is love? In the space between? In a sunset? A dream? Why is it here I stand Looking for love  and it does not see me? Have I tried too hard? Have I hardened my heart? Have I wasted it on frivolities? No, sweet one It is there  Inside Waiting to be felt Already... Continue Reading →


Your heart's been broken. Your heart will mend. You will learn to love again. You will remember. Love.

For the Brothers

I pray for the Warriors. For all the times they were made to feel like their hearts weren't fierce. For all the times they felt called to battle and had to swallow their pride. For all the times they were made to feel inferior. For when they were made to quiet their tears with gritted... Continue Reading →

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