I let you change me
Or did I change myself?
I tried to fit into your box
No one can fit in there
But I tried
I let parts of me die
My divine sacred heart
My truth
It terrified you
My freedom
My wild
My essence
My core
I shone so bright
You were blinded
By fear
So I tried to dim
To hold it in
To love you
To contain my sea of emotions
But you saw them
boiling beneath the surface
A volcano
It terrified you
I tried to calm
To please you
Anyway that I could
But you saw me dim
You saw me cower
You saw me change
My truth expired
And it terrified you
That you could
Assist in my demise
‘Till who you fell in love with
Was a stranger to your eyes
Because every day
Little parts of me died
Submit they said
So I did
Submit to destruction
So I was destroyed
Ashes smoldering
No sense of self
I grew angry
I’d contained a dragon
A phoenix inside
A flame did rise
And you heard me scream
You can’t contain a siren
You cant resist her call
It terrified you
But all you needed
Was your sacred heart
To meet mine
As equals
Like two metals bonded
United in
Wild and free
My strength terrified you
Because you forgot your own
Divine masculine
Your warriors blood
The hunt
The kill
A nighted priesthood
You’re apart of still
I won’t wait with bated breath
For you to fulfill my fairy tale
As I’ve risen from ashes
So yes I’ve changed
And am changing still
And I’ll find my warrior
Because I’ve found myself
In ashes
And so I hope
will you


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