I'm wanting parts of me back hiding from the rift I'm fragmented from fear trauma laced its wicked fingers around my neck the hidden parts of me don't know it's over but it is come back to me scared ones I've grown strong from repeated blows survived and learned how to grow I'm strong now... Continue Reading →



I let you change me Or did I change myself? I tried to fit into your box No one can fit in there But I tried I let parts of me die My divine sacred heart My truth It terrified you My freedom My wild My essence My core I shone so bright You were... Continue Reading →


Love in spite of fear Love in spite of those who do not Love to heal ancient wounds Like tree limbs bow to the wind groaning into the storm leaves pulled like hair washed in heaven's waters clean in spite of that which is not in our control Love through darkness's long fingered grasp winding... Continue Reading →


In the shadows of my heart there are whispers tearing at the tapestries let loose like thieves wanton lustful for my treasures they seek the shine emitting from my glorious heart they want to take this light and smother it so only darkness remains they want to bathe in the ashes dance in the smoke... Continue Reading →

Good Grief

Grief hangs off my limbs limp familiar like a tattered sweater years worn grief replaced love lost to ether a wound cavernous too wide to traverse but grief you'll sit here with me won't you? while we lament not being able to cross yet that crevasse is filled with stardust from whence we came we... Continue Reading →


    Recently, I found my sister. I was two when we were separated. She was eight. My mother gave her up for adoption. I never understood why. As a child I pondered on why I was kept instead of her, what could she have done that would make my mother do that? Would she... Continue Reading →

Fundraiser for Syria

-Sparrow Wise Donate Here I'm doing a fundraiser to help Syrian refugees. They are in desperate need. We've waited for our governments to step up and they haven't. It's far past time we do something Picture fleeing your home with only the clothes on your back, fearing for your life as you journey to the... Continue Reading →

The Bottom Rung

Nobody talks about the bottom rung They’ll tell you all day how to climb that ladder There’s tips and tricks ready for the reading All over the internet Buy now Self help   Well I’m standing here Staring at the bottom rung I know its chips and dents Where the paint came off Worn from... Continue Reading →

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